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Puppet Workshop & Performance
Puppet Workshop & Performance



Kingston upon Thames

Puppet Workshop & Performance

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2023年8月26日 上午9:45 – 2023年8月27日 下午3:05

Kingston upon Thames, Methodist Church Hall, 13 Fairfield S, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2UJ, UK


Join us for a Magical Puppet Workshop & Enchanting Performance!

Experience the mesmerizing tale of Pangu, the Chinese mythological figure who created the world. In partnership with Creation Myth Puppets, Kingston Beats invites children on an exclusive two-day trip to Kingston. Working in groups, you'll unleash your creativity by crafting awe-inspiring, larger-than-life paper puppets. Together, we'll rehearse and prepare for a spectacular performance where you'll showcase your creations to proud parents. This immersive journey not only sparks imagination but also fosters teamwork. With a long-standing reputation and partnerships with renowned local primary schools, Creation Myth Puppets is beloved by students, teachers, and parents. Don't miss this special workshop, as it marks founder Tony Gee's final event before retiring. For more information on past workshops, visit their webpage at

Don't miss this enchanting opportunity to be part of something extraordinary! Reserve your spot today and let your creativity soar in the captivating world of puppetry.

Video for the making of :

Workshop details :

Date :26-27 Aug (Sat & Sun)

Time :

26 Aug 9:45-15:00 

27 Aug 9:45- 16:00 (Parents need to arrive between 14:15-14:30 before the performance) 

Venue :1/F, Kingston Methodist Church, KT1 2UJ

Language :English 

Remarks :

1) Please prepare packed lunch, drink & snack (nuts free) for your children 

2) The puppet performance will be recorded to introduce the Chinese story to locals. 

Quota:30 children 

Age : Year 4 to 9 in Sep 2023

Original price before subsidy:£78

Discount price: £28.8

"盤古初開" 係一個神話傳說故仔,大家知唔知講乜嘢呢?

Kingston Beats 今次搵咗本地機構Creation Myth Puppets 合作,佢地專程黎Kingston兩天指導小朋友分組製作大型立體紙偶,一齊構思、製作和排練,最後會表演俾所有家長睇,過程充滿創意和趣味,希望透過做紙偶過程發揮團隊合作精神。

此機構同好多本地著名小學合作,深受學生歡迎,老師家長好評等等,能夠特別為香港小朋友做一次實在難得,今次更係創辦人Tony Gee 在退休前最後一個工作坊。如果想了解更多之前嘅工作坊,可以瀏覽佢哋網頁 :

Tony Gee介紹workshop內容 :






地點:1/F, Kingston Methodist Church, KT1 2UJ



1) 請家長準備午餐、飲品、小食等俾小朋友,並不要有任何堅果成份。

2) 此表演將會進行錄影,因為此乃木偶劇,所以小朋友並不會上鏡,希望此表演介紹俾本地人認識我哋嘅傳說故事。



優惠 : £28.8


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