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Hong Kong Yummy Club 香港好味道 (4) - 懷舊美點
Hong Kong Yummy Club 香港好味道 (4) - 懷舊美點



Kingston upon Thames

Hong Kong Yummy Club 香港好味道 (4) - 懷舊美點

香港好味道由Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames 資助,今次活動主題為「懷舊小食」,我地請到不同年代來到英國的香港人為大家預備幾款拿手小食:合桃酥、客家米通、糯米糍同砵仔糕,等大家再嚐童年味道,重温美好歳月!

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2024年2月02日 下午12:00 – 下午1:00

Kingston upon Thames, Fairfield E, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2PT, UK


(Please see English version right after the Chinese copy.) 

香港好味道 (3) - 懷舊美點

Kingston Beats再次成功申請Kingston地方政府的社區資助(Borough-wide Community Grant),計劃主題為「香港好味道」,旨在推廣和分享香港烹飪和美食文化,促進社區交流。我們將會舉辦多場香港美食分享會,重現香港人最記掛的家鄉食物,並鼓勵大家交流使用本地食材的烹調心得。


日期:2024年2月2日 (星期五)

時間:中午12:00 - 1:00

地點:Kingston Quaker Centre, Fairfield E, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2PT, UK



贊助:The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames



1. 報名費一經繳付,恕不設退款。活動開始後30分鐘如參加者仍未出現,視作自動退出,恕不會代留食物或退還門券費用。

2. 以上列出食物僅作參考,大會有權因應情況作出改動。

3. 今次並非團購活動,食物每人一份,只限現場享用,不能帶走。

4. 食物材料包括以下,如有食物過敏請留意。

合桃酥: 雞蛋, 糖, 菜油, 麵粉, 梳打粉 (致敏成分: 雞蛋)

客家米通:  花生, 芝麻, 糖, 麥芽糖, 油, 椰絲,卜卜米 (致敏成分: 果仁/花生)

花生糯米糍:  糯米粉, 牛奶, 牛油, 糖,  椰絲, 花生, 菜油 (致敏成分: 牛奶, 果仁/花生)

砵仔糕: 粘米粉, 糯米粉, 木薯粉, 黑糖, 黃糖, 紅豆

Hong Kong Yummy Club (4) Nostalgic Snacks

Date: 2 February 2024 (Friday)

Time: 12:00 - 13:00 Food tasting

Place: Kingston Quaker Centre, Fairfield E, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2PT, UK

Registration fee (administration): £2 per head

Hong Kong Yummy Club is a new project funded by The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames to promote and share Hong Kong's cooking and food culture. The theme of this event is "Nostalgic Snacks". We have invited Hong Kong people who came to the UK in different generations to prepare several snacks: Walnut cookies, Hakka puffed rice bars, peanut mochi and put chai ko (steamed rice cup cake with red beans). These home-made treats remain popular today and will bring back many fond memories for Hong Kong people!

No matter whether you are Hongkongers recently settled in Kingston or locals who fancy Hong Kong foods, don’t miss this opportunity to taste some authentic home-made snacks which Hong Kong people remember from childhood.  

1. Registration fees are non-refundable.  If ticket holders do not show up 30 minutes after the event starts, we reserve the right to give away the food and no refund will be made.

2. The food listed above is for reference only and we reserve the right to make changes.

3. This is a social event and not a group buy. Participants are expected to join the event and consume the food on-site. Food cannot be taken away.

4. Please note below the food ingredients and be aware if you have food allergies.

Walnut cookies: Eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, flour, baking powder (Allergens: eggs)

Hakka puffed rice bar: Peanuts, sesame seeds, sugar, maltose, oil, desiccated coconut, peanut (allergens: nuts/peanuts)

Peanut Mochi ingredients: glutinous rice flour, milk, butter, sugar, desiccated coconut, peanut, veg oil (allergens: milk, nuts /peanut)

Put chai ko: Rice flour, glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour, brown sugar, red beans


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