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Kingston Beats C.I.C.'s volunteer policy

Policy statement

Kingston BEATS Community Interest Company ("KBCIC") believes in the value of voluntary activity as an expression of citizenship and an essential component of a free and democratic society. It supports and promotes volunteering in public and third sector organisations. KBCIC will ensure that its volunteers are appropriately involved, valued for their contribution and respected.

In adopting this policy, KBCIC aims to:


  • Formally acknowledge and support the role of volunteers in its work

  • Set out the principles governing the involvement of volunteers and provide a set of guidelines to ensure good practice in working with volunteers

  • Encourage and enable, rather than restrict, the involvement of volunteers

Equal opportunities

As an engager of volunteers, KBCIC is committed to a policy of equal opportunities. This principle will apply to service delivery, recruitment, facilities, procedures and all terms and conditions.

Recruitment & selection

All prospective volunteers will undergo an interview to determine what they would like to do, their skills, suitability, and how best to realise their potential.


All volunteers must adhere to the same confidentiality rules outlined in the KBCIC's Safeguarding Policy.

Information and training

All volunteers will receive an induction into KBCIC, their area of work and training when required.


All volunteers will have a named person as their main point of contact to discuss the progress and air their feedback.


All volunteers must adhere to the same confidentiality rules outlined in the KBCIC's Data Protection Policy.


This policy comes into force on 1 April 2022. KBCIC commits to review the policy when changes in legislation or other factors make this necessary. The policy will be subject to a comprehensive review two years after its introduction. (Review date: 1 April 2024).

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