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「真英文」課程系列: 認識英國文化
「真英文」課程系列: 認識英國文化

15 Nov-13 Dec 2022 (Every Tue) 11:30-12:30


Vineyard Life Church

「真英文」課程系列: 認識英國文化

導師Belinda Ginns為《真英文》一書作者,希望透過輕鬆分享英國文化幫助大家學習地道英語。

Time & Location

15 Nov-13 Dec 2022 (Every Tue) 11:30-12:30

Vineyard Life Church, The Vineyard, Richmond, TW10 6AQ

About the event

「真英文」課程系列: 認識英國文化

日期:2022年11月15日至12月13日 (逢星期二)

時間:上午11:30 - 下午12:30

地點:Vineyard Life Church, Richmond, TW10 6AQ

費用:£25 (全期5堂)

導師:Belinda Ginns


** 每堂完畢後特備「星期二英語聊天室」(下午12:30-1:15pm),由Belinda Ginns主持,歡迎學員免費參加,練習會話。(需另外網上報名) 

導師簡介:梁愛玲Belinda Ginns,有一半的英國血統,丈夫是英國人,一家在香港定居多年,講流利英語和廣東話;曾在大學及語文學院任教英文,專長教授英語為第二語言(Teaching English as a second language);曾著有《真英文》一書,收錄學校不會教的地道英文單詞、片語和成語等,以年輕人、潮流化的語言去翻譯,讓讀者近一步將英語說得生活化、地道化。由於多名兒子在英國讀書及生活, Belinda經常英國香港兩邊走,對英國社會文化有深入認識,最近移居Richmond。

課程目的: 希望透過輕鬆分享英國文化幫助大家學習地道英語,每節有語言學習摘要。


1. 西方文化簡介:語言、歷史、宗教、社會規範和信念,文化藝術,音樂及飲食文化 Western culture in general– overview –language, history, religion, social norms and beliefs, arts, cuisine, music, UK culture.  

2. 英國歷史 UK History  

3. 英國宗教 UK Religion  

4. 英國社會風俗習慣、規範和信念 UK Social customs, norms and beliefs  

5. 英國文化藝術 UK Arts 

6. 英國語文 UK Language  

7. 英國音樂 UK Music 

8. 英國菜餚與日常生活 UK Cuisine and daily life

9. 英國政治 UK Politics

A message from Belinda Ginns:

This course is about learning everyday real English in a relaxed environment, through interactive methods.

At the end of the 5 week course participants will have a basic understand of how the western culture came about, and the influence it has on different aspects of life in in the U.K : it’s language, history, arts, social beliefs and practices. Each session will highlight a different basic aspect of the English language, so as to help participants to start communicating effectively in their everyday lives.   After the first 5 sessions, we will go more deeply into language usage for those who are interested. My book ‘Real English’ is unfortunately out of print but I will be using some of the materials in the book when suitable.   Richmond is a convenient location to get to, with a choice of access by the London tube (last stop on the District line) and the London overground train (operated by South Western). You can also reach there by bus. Vineyard Life Church is a short 10 min walk from the station. Its nearby Richmond park is famous for its natural beauty and wild life. Maybe you can spot a deer or two in one of your leisurely walks before or after the lesson!   Hope to see you in class!


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