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10月26日 (13:30-15:15)


Picnic Kingston


Time & Location

10月26日 (13:30-15:15)

Picnic Kingston , Unit 3, The Rotunda, The Rotunda, Clarence St, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1QJ, UK

About the event

Picnic Kingston

PICNIC is a children's play centre and cafe, where children aged six and under can learn about the world by acting out a wide variety of roles in everyday life, from putting out a fire, solving a crime, delivering the post or serving customers at the checkout. It comprises 10 themed play areas including a supermarket, theatre and fire station, all centred around a village square.

After checking in at reception, children are free to explore the various play areas under the supervision of their parents. Midway through the session there may sometimes be an adult led activity which will vary depending on the age and number of children on that particular day. 10 minutes before the session ends we play the 'Tidy Up' song and encourage the children to help us put away the toys. For 4 to 6 year olds, there will be a range of age-specific activity cards which are both educational and fun, produced in line with Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 (KS1) curriculum. These teach children about the everyday world around them, whilst at the same time enabling children to get the very most out of the play space available.

PICNIC 是一個兒童遊戲中心和咖啡室,由 10 個主題遊樂區組成,包括超市、劇院和消防站,全部以村莊廣場為中心。6歲及以下的孩子可以通過扮演日常生活中的各種角色來認識世界,例如救火、偵破犯罪、投遞郵件或在餐廳為顧客服務等。

在接待處辦理入場手續後,孩子們可以在父母的監督下自由探索各個遊樂區。中途有時可能會有場地職員主導的活動,該活動將根據當天兒童的年齡和數量而有所不同。課程結束前 10 分鐘會播放「Tidy Up」歌曲,鼓勵孩子們收起玩具。針對 4 至 6 歲的孩子,場地根據早期基礎階段 (EYFS) 和關鍵階段 1 (KS1) 課程製作一系列具有教育意義和趣味性的特定年齡活動卡,讓孩子們了解周圍的日常生活世界及充分利用遊戲空間。

日期:2023年10月26日 (星期四)


地點:Picnic Kingston, Unit 3 The Rotunda, Clarence Street, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 1QJ (網址)

對象:3 - 6歲小朋友,需由1位家長陪同,最多2位家長,未足3歲也歡迎參加,但活動內容未必能全部適合幼童。

費用: 18個月至7歲 £4    (原價£8.95) 

               12-18個月      £2    (原價£4.5)

               6-12個月        £1     (原價£2.5) 

               0-6個月        免費 

               大人                £2       (原價£3)

此活動由Mayor of London贊助,是Kingston Beats 繼2022年舉辦歡迎香港人項目之後,再次成功申請Hong Kong Community Fund,繼續為新移居英國的香港人提供各類支援,助大家適應及融入英國生活,同時連繫在英港人,建立社區。


a. 費用一經繳交恕不設退款。

b. 如場地取消租場我們會退回已交費用。

c. 如臨時未能出席,請盡早通知我們。

d. 請遵守場地規則,詳情見網頁,以下是部份守則請大家留意,內容以英文原文為準。

1. 成人必須有兒童陪同才能進入。每位兒童最多可有兩位成人陪同。 2. 請客人不要在活動開始前超過 5 分鐘到達,因為大門將被鎖上。

3. 客人不得攜帶外來食物和飲料。咖啡廳有售各種食品和飲料。

4. 客人只能出於個人、私人、非商業目的為自己的孩子拍攝照片。除非獲得我們明確許可,否則不得以任何格式或媒體複製圖片和圖像,除非供私人查看。

1. Adults must be accompanied by a child to gain entry. Up to two adults may accompany each child.

2. Guests are asked not to arrive more than 5 minutes before the start of their session as the doors will be locked between sessions.

3. Guests may not bring outside food and drink into PICNIC. There is a comprehensive range of food and drink available to purchase from our café on site.

4. Guests can take photographs of their own children for personal, private, non-commercial purposes only.   Unless permission has been expressly granted by us, pictures and images cannot be reproduced in any format or media other than for private viewing.


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