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Supporting Hongkongers in Southwest London

We strive to preserve the culture and heritage of Hong Kong, and help Hongkongers integrate into the British community.


Photo by AuLaw Organic Farm UK CIC

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Life in the UK

Tips on living in the UK

Do you want to know more about how things work in the UK and London? Be it public transportation, the GP, or property buying; we got you covered!

Create a stronger community

Besides organising events and activities, we hope to create a network of ‘talents’ in Southwest London, and help connect those in need with those who can help.


Our partner


We partner with Islington Chinese Association (ICA), a London based charity founded in 1986 and dedicated to promoting Chinese cultures and social inclusion.

The Islington Chinese Association (ICA) serves as an advisor and coach for Kingston Beats in leading its welcome programme for Hongkongers in Kingston.

We have also been volunteering in ICA's ‘Welcome Hongkongers’ programme since February 2022.

Work with us

We are always looking for like-minded and talented people to join us on our mission.

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